STABYC is pleased to introduce the sailing membership category. We hope that this simple, affordable program will help foster participation in the sport of sailing and in the club’s waterfront program.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, fill out the Sailing Membership application and contact our Waterfront Director.


US Sailing MVP Partnership

US Sailing has set the standard for excellence in training and education for the sport for over 120 years, and it is the collective power of the US Sailing membership that makes it happen. Membership matters. Everyone wins with this partnership.

  • You receive a discount on your US Sailing Membership

    $10 discount for individuals, $5 discount for youths, $15 discount for families.

  • STABYC receives a $10 credit ($5 for youths) for every one of our members who participate.

    We can use these credits to pay for most US Sailing training and educational program.

  • The sport of sailing grows stronger.

    Access to excellence in training and education benefits every sailor in the country. Fair and well-run races, safer waterways, skilled racers and confident cruisers all ensure a lifetime of participation and fun for every sailor.

Are you already a US Sailing member?  

When your membership is up for renewal, you can join through the STABYC MVP Program.