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The club has several activities planned on the water. If you are a member, you are welcome to join any of our programs offered. Please contact the Club for more information at (850)-769-2453 or [email protected].  
 Summer sailing camps
 Adult sailing classes
 Jr. Sailing Team
 Jr. Yacht Club
 High School Sailing
 Online Sailing School (Useful Links)




SUMMER SAILING CAMPS: Youth Sailing Camps are offered all Summer long to 5-18 year olds. We offer a variety of camps. Membership is not required. For more information Click Here. 

All camps are open to the public!


ADULT SAILING CLASSES: The Club offers Sailing Clinics to adults. A qualified instructor will teach you how to rig and sail a Flying Scot. We also offer more advanced classes to learn how to use the Spinnaker, and trimming your boat right. Ladies Sailing Clinics are organized as well.  

SAILING CLINICS: We offer all kinds of sailing clinics year round, from beginner to advanced levels, all ages. 

PRIVATE SAILING LESSONS: Set up an appointment - (850)769-2453 or [email protected]



DAYSAILING CHECKOUT: Feel free to take out any of our Club Boats from Tuesday through Sunday. You will need the permition of the Waterfront Director in order to take out any boat for safety reasons. We have Sunfish, Optis, 420s, Open Bics, a Hobie Wave, and a 30ft Keelboat available. Go to our Club Boat Usage pages to find out more about taking out a small boat or a keelboat/cruiser.



We organize several regattas year round for both keelboats and small boats. Race Comnittee, volunteers, and sailors are always needed. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to participate or help out.  



StABYC has a Opti & C420 Jr. Sailing Team. If you are interested in joining either one of our teams, please contact the Waterfront Director for more information.  Jr. Sailing Practice is every Wednesday from 3:00 to 6:00 PM.

Our high school sailing teams practice every Tuesday and Thursday. For more info click here.
CAPDEVIELLE SAILING TEAM: Anyone who knows how to sail is welcome to join the team. Capdevielle Regattas are held within the GYA. Each team represents their club in a Flying Scot. In 2018 the Flying Scot will officially be replaced by the Viper 640. 

LADIES SAILING TEAM / WOMEN ON THE WATER: All Ladies interested in sailing are encouraged to join our Ladies Sailing Team. They practice on Sundays. Experience is not necessary. If you are interested please contact the Club, 850-769-2453.

2022 Sailing Schedule  We have an exciting year of sailing for 2022 with many sailing events and opportunities! For more info click on the link: